Studio and Lifestyle Portraits

We run a busy portrait studio based at the Hythe in Colchester. The style of photography we take is relaxed and informal but not too mad. Our aim is to take striking individual portraits using a variety of poses and backgrounds.

Lifestyle Portraiture is "Outside" this is an exciting area for us as it releases you from the boundaries of the studio. Location could be woods or a derelict church the beach even your garden or home.

Our Charges start at £25 for the Studio sitting fee and £40 for the Lifestyle Location fee.

Starting prices are £65 for a framed 5x7

Our Wall portraiture starts at £235 for a 20x16 with any combination of photographs inside one large one to a multi 9 image.

The Studio pricing is honest and transparent we don't offer cheap schemes to get you through the door then hit you with the hard sell. As our Studio is located slightly out of town the parking is free and the reduction in rents and rates lets us give you more a reasonably priced service.

Model Portfolios

Our model portfolios are a great way to introduce you to prospective agencies. We take a wide range of pictures over a 2-hour period. The folio consists of 6 of the best 10x8 sized photographs from the session and is priced at £195 inclusive of sitting and vat. We offer make up and a retouching service these are extra and quotable per job.